Lajatico and the Theater of Silence

Lajatico, the town of Andrea Bocelli

Does this name tell you something?
Oh yes, Lajatico is the native town of the tenor Andrea Bocelli. Everything around here speaks of him, the posters hanging in the street, some places selling products from the Bocelli Company, the large photos illustrating the charitable actions carried out by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF), especially in Haiti, and then the Teatro del Silenzio.

Origins and structure of the Theater of Silence
A magical place, created for opera singing performances, but a show itself. It is located just outside Lajatico, immersed in the hills of the Valdera which at this moment are giving their best: an ocean of uninterrupted green.
The Theater of Silence was created in a kind of natural basin which lent itself well to hosting a stage and tiers for the public.
This space was inaugurated on July 27, 2006 and was created by the will of the singer. All completely in the open air.
The stage, bordered by large blocks of granite, is in fact a small lake: a body of water in which frogs sing, surmounted by a sculpture.
On the web there are many images with Igor Mitoraj's mask, but currently the sculpture that is there represents a succulent and very red chilli pepper.

The place is extremely suggestive and can be visited without having to pay a ticket.

Location of Farmhouse Il Colle and map

Typical Tuscan farmhouses in Lajatico, near Volterra

The Il Colle farm, for years in the production of cereals, immersed in the green Tuscan hills, hosts its customers in two renovated farmhouses and offers all its availability and warm welcome to make you spend a relaxing stay.

In a panoramic area of the Valdera hills between cereal fields and wooded areas it is possible to rediscover nature with walks and mountain bike rides, visit the remains of an ancient fortress or visit the major historical centers and the most important cities of the Tuscan art.